Note to self:

Next time you go over a month without any coffee and you decide that you need a little pick me up in the morning don’t get the shaken iced coffee w/one Splenda you love so much because you probably need something a little more diluted with cream and flavoring and all that jazz because when you drink the full strength stuff after a month of not having any at all chances are you will be so wired you can’t sit still or concentrate or get any work done which will kind of defeat the purpse of having the coffee in the first place which was to be more alert and aware and sharp at the meeting you had in the morning which is over now but you are still so wired that you can’t stop moving or thinking or getting anything done other than really really long run on sentences on your blog and even that is hard because you are so wired YOU ARE SHAKING.

3 thoughts on “Note to self:

  1. My habit was getting a little out of hand. It wasn’t uncommon for me to come into work and have 4-5 cups in three hours, then one more at 1:30 when I take a break. It was bad. Then I noticed that when I wasn’t drinking it on the weekends I’d get a bit of a headache so I decided to quit for awhile. I’m not good at ‘weening’ so I went cold turkey.

    I think I’d have been okay today had I gotten something with some other “filler”. Soy milk, flavoring, SOMETHING. But having black coffee… BIG MISTAKE.

  2. Wow, you really are wired! You made one sentence run on that long! heeehee.

    I don’t like coffee, so I never drink it in the first place, but sometimes I’ll be able to stomach one of the iced ones. But Caffiene doesn’t really affect me much anymore. I’ve been really trying to cut back on how much of it I drink.

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