Like Martha Stuart

Only I can still vote. heh

In the last week I’ve rewired a power cord to make it work with a sun shaped ceiling light, rewired a light switch to take a dimmer, changed Cassidy’s toilet seat, hung curtains, and a green… thing on the closet, and a giant leaf in Cassidy’s room. I’d totally have pictures to post if flickr didn’t decide to have a massage at the exact second I went to upload them.

I’ve been in major redecorating mode and started in her bedroom and bathroom. I have before pictures that still make me sick to my stomach. Her room had become a massive toy dumping ground and her idea of “cleaning” it was to shove every toy, scrap of paper or article of clothing in any area that it would fit in. And often times if it didn’t fit she’d find a way to shove it in there anyway.

Last Saturday she went to a sleep over birthday (I’m pretending to not remember the sleep overs and the stupid stuff I did on them at her age) and as soon as I came in the house from dropping her off I started tearing the room apart. SIX garbage bags and 24 hours later I had it close to where I wanted it. Then Sunday afternoon she and I spent a few hours at IKEA picking up some of the things she’s been eyeing up for awhile. Some lights, curtains and rod, the giant leaf and the green contraption to hang in front of her closet. They are now all hung up and looking awesome and she’s EXTATIC to finally have her room looking “totally cool”. I was going to paint. Blue on top and green on the bottom for an ‘outside’ feel but we’ve hung up so many posters that I really don’t think it matters at this point. She’s taken to buying teeny bopper magazines and hanging the posters on the walls. Everywhere.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. Now that her room is finally done I’m going to start back on the kitchen, living and computer rooms. I plan to have them all painted by the end of February and then I can start buying wall art. I have a few things in mind that I want for sure but I’ve been looking and looking and looking and looking for something to hang on the wall that’s the second biggest focal point in the room and I can’t find anything that is ‘just right’. I think it’s because I have this image in my head and nothing I find is good enough because it’s not the image in my head. *sigh* I’ll find it eventually. Hopefully.

I changed my mind and decided to make all registered users able to view the private posts. Mostly because I’m lazy. I get an instant email whenever anybody registers and if it’s somebody I don’t want approved I can just delete them immediately. So yeah, that’s it. Off to be lazy on the couch and watch some TV with The Princess.


3 thoughts on “Like Martha Stuart

  1. Good lord… it certainly sounds like you’ve been rather productive! I, unfortunately, get the same task for my eleven year old brother’s bedroom. He is a pack rat. I go in there once a month or so, and almost always fill at least one garbage bag. It’s sickening.

    And ah, sleepovers… I remember the silly stuffed we used to do. Chubby Bunny, making nasty concoctions of spices and liquids and making each other drink it, playing pranks on the friends who were already sleeping, etc…

  2. I want to redecorate my office, but i have to wait till i get a new desk as i have a bohemath of a desk that takes up the whole room and my window i cant wait to get rid of it.

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