I said yes.

As I climbed out of a waterfall on a beautiful day in the most beautiful place on earth was the most wonderful man waiting for me. With a ring and a question. And my answer was a very excited, very emotional, and very wet YES YES YES!!!

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14 thoughts on “I said yes.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS snatch!!! Gmo & I are sooooo happy for you two!! I bet it was sooooo romantic & beautiful!!

  2. So, now you know why you went to Maui! It was a hard secret to keep! I bet your mom thinks so too!

    Congratulations Anna. Ben is a great guy and I appreciate and respect him for all he has done for you and Cassidy. I wish for you many years of happiness.


  3. It was so hard to keep this from you but I’m so glad I did!! Can’t wait until you get back so we can start planning your engagement party

  4. WOW Anna! WOW Ben! Much love to you guys! You guys are a inspiration to me. I hope one day I’m as HAPPY and In LOVE as you two! Ben proves there ARE some good guys out there! Hope I find MY Prince Charming soon! But for now, I’m cool with kissing lots of frogs..heheh …..Anna…if I’m not invited to your wedding, I’m going to kick your ASS!!!…..

    Love you two, CONGRATS!!!!!


  5. Thanks everybody! I was so totally surprised and actually a little overwhelmed when he first asked. I really don’t think its completely hit me yet but I’m a so very happy because this is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

    I’m not sure if Ben has seen this yet but I’ve passed all your well wishes on to him. I’ll make sure to post the entire proposal story when we are back in town.

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