Out of office.

I have a lot to write. A lot to say. But I think I need the weekend to properly form the thoughts into something that doesn’t come across as depressing and vague. Like that sentence. Heh.

The comments are acting wonky. For some reason the time is all off and it’s only allowing one comment then giving a spazztic error saying you can only comment once every 15 seconds. Even though it’s been HOURS since I’ve posted one. I think it’s the sites way of saying, “Stop being a lazy ASS and make me pretty!” So I guess the domain has even less patience than I do. So, it has NONE.

Also, people! Stop coming here and just reading those stupid drama posts. Seriously. Once is enough. They read the same way today as they did a week ago when I posted them. I promise I won’t make any changes to them. Ever. So go start/look for drama on that other forum with your genuine friends. kthxbye.

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