Dinner, a drive, and a date with teacher.

Stuart has some body roll.

Saturday: Clean, laundry, dinner with The Crew. Cassidy spent most of the DAY running back and forth between our house and the neighbors WITH random neighborhood kids in tow thrashing the house and the backyard and letting the cat out every 10 minutes. Thanks goodness for hardwood floors. I know I complain they are hard to keep clean but they tracked something through the house that I can only describe as “Eww”.

I really wish I had remembered to put the memory card back in the Canon before we left the house for dinner. I actually took the time to wipe the card clean then got sidetracked and didn’t put it IN the camera. *shakes fist at blondness* Dinner was a blast though and I’m still full from the filet.

Sunday: Went to the Top Driver Shootout AutoX at the Marina. This time I remembered to bring the memory card and took 1200 pictures. That’s a lot. I went through and got most of them organized into subfolders by driver/car last night but was too beat from all the walking, sun and fun to get many of them posted. Unfortunately, early in the day I used the circle polarizer on the lens to take a shot of an Alpina and didn’t take it off for the actions shots so a lot of them came out dark and will need a bit of PS manipulation to lighten them up. I should have listened to Ben and gotten a bit closer to the cars but after watching a few of them spin past cones, it’s not a comfortable feeling planting yourself right in the path of the cars. But he’s right, that IS where you get the best shots. Eventually I want to pick up a better zoom lens but right now I think I need to focus on getting the settings down and making sure I have the correct filter on the lens. heh

Today: They changed our productivity rates at work and instead of getting LOWER numbers I’m like, WAY OVER. I hit 155% at 10:00AM and have been having a hard time motivating myself to get anything done since then. Usually I count down the minutes till 2:30 but today I’m willing them to take longer.

Cassidy got in trouble at school (talking in class) last week and didn’t give us TWO papers the teacher required us to sign so she’s managed to dig herself a pretty deep hole. That means I have to stay after class to talk to the teacher today. I hate that. I feel like I’m the one in trouble and there’s that feeling of impending doom of when I get home and have to tell my mom. Except I DON’T have to tell my mom (well, I will because I’ll call and be all “Remember that time I was supposed to bring you a note home to sign and I didn’t tell you and you got really mad and grounded me? Well I didn’t tell you this but I called you mean names when I got in my room and rolled my eyes 180 degrees in my head and I’M SO SORRY BECAUSE YOU WERE SO RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!”).

Instead, I have to BE the mom. And that’s SO MUCH WORSE because I’m totally not the disciplinary one in the relationship. That generally falls to Ben. He’s very good at sitting down and explaining things and making sure Cassidy understands consiquences and why punishment is necessary. I just get frustrated. It’s become pretty clear though that Cassidy has learned to manipulate that situation and will come to me instead of Ben if she’s trying to “pull something off”. I need to stop being such a pushover and start putting my foot down more because the only person I’m hurting by NOT doing that is her. It just kills me to see her upset or that look on her face when she knows that she’s disappointed me because I can tell it hurts her and it REALLY hurts me. Like, makes my heart physically ache.

See, they should use that as ammunition for abstinence and birth control for teenage girls. Diapers and sleepless nights and 10 extra pounds of baby fat: Cake. Having your heart broken by doing the right thing when they lie to you: TORTURE.

2 thoughts on “Dinner, a drive, and a date with teacher.

  1. She has learned this (that you are a pushover), its time for you to not be the pushover, if she knows it’ll be the same if she goes to both of us, she won’t have a reason TO manipulate the situation.

  2. I am trying. I think the first step is sticking to this grounding which I am NOT good at. But she’s in her room reading Narnia and hating me because I told her she has to read till Back To School Night time.

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