Dear girls,

If you haven’t already, get to MAC as soon as possible and pick up the Viva Glam VI Lipglass. As much of a makeup whore as I am, I’ve never ever been a lipstick girl and I wore this stuff ALL DAY. So. Hot.

And that’s my entire “girl” quota for the year. All of it. Completely.

P.S. – Also, pick up a Nintendo DS! And get Mario Brothers! You know, so I don’t feel like my addiction is so dirty… heh 😳

3 thoughts on “Dear girls,

  1. Um when i get a job i will go pick up that lipstick!! I have a nintendo Gameboy ADVANCE sp and mario brothers 3 or 4 (it could be 50 billion i dunno i just know its one of the mario brothers they have so many now LOL) anyways i just got that right before the DS came out so i cant buy a new one yet 🙁 ooooh and can you play all the old games on it?

  2. Yes! You can play all the Gameboy Advance games on the DS. So Cassidy can play all her Princess and Barbi games. Assuming I can ever put the thing down. 😉

    That lipgloss is SO worth the money. Seriously, I’m wearing it AGAIN today. So hot.

  3. Oh yes, im so bringing my games up to bakersfield with me this weekend then i can steal my cousins DS- though he might try and steal my games LOL. Anyways im goin to the hot land of bako, then over to Pismo for the weekend for some camping and offroading. should be lots of fun. Oh yah, my aunt introduced my mom to MAC cosmetic brushes. She is in love with them but she wont buy the makeup yet- but she will spend 20$ on a eyebrow brush LOL

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