I went 6 days having pretty much no wheat. I’m sure there were a few offenders that made it in there because I’m still learning what does/does not have wheat or wheat byproduct in it. Like soy sauce, who’d think that SOY SAUCE can cause a reaction to people who are allergic to WHEAT. So that pretty much cuts out ALL chinese food. Because even if you tell them not to cook using it, they aren’t going to clean an entire grill just for you so you are going to get trace amounts. I’m not even really sure if I can have “trace amounts” yet.

Anyway, I went six days. Then on the way to get the GTI smogged Friday I was SO hungry. I knew that I’d have to smog, get to AAA, drop off the GTI and pick up the M3 from home, get to my mom’s ACROSS the city (@ 5:00PM on a Friday kicking off a four day weekend) in two hours so my only chance to grab something was before the smog. I considered stopping into Starbucks for a shaken iced tea but I was REALLY hungry and that would not have held me over. I ended up at Taco Bell instead. Looking back this was really, really, really, REALLY not the smartest move. Had I been thinking (SEE: Not giving into the craving of having something I KNOW I shouldn’t because I’d been SO GOOD for SIX DAYS and what was ONE little tiny burrito really gonna do anyway?) I’d have gone to McDonalds and picked up a salad. At 3:30PM I sat down in the waiting room at Speedy Smog and practically INHAILED the burrito. So. Hungry.

At exactly 5:35PM, on the way to Tandori Bites with my mom and Cameron I realized I was itching and looked down to see my ENTIRE left arm covered in 10,000 tiny little hives. I got some plain tandori chicken (dry clay baked with onions and green peppers) and by the time we left there (6:30ish?) the hives were all over both arms and starting to crawl up my legs. They hung around pretty much all weekend and today they are kinda there but I think it’s more mental leftover itching.

So. I can’t really say that it’s the burrito that caused the hives. They use monster tortillas there so… I dunno. This week I’ll avoid it alltogether again and maybe eat something SMALL with wheat this weekend and see how things go.

Every time I dwell on the fact that I can’t eat SO MANY THINGS I start to get depressed. I LOVE food. I grew up in a the kind of family that double cooks. You know, you’re expecting 10 people so you make enough food for 20. I love good food, exotic flavors, well prepared dishes. But now I’m realizing that depending on the severity of this allergy, I’m going to have to all but cut chinese, italian, mexican cuisine from my diet. I’m hoping that since I’ve never had a serious reaction (anaphylactic shock) that it’s going to be something I can eat in moderation. Maybe I can build up an immunity with shots or something? I dunno. I’m supposed to start taking some meds to treat the symptoms (they can treat the itch but not the hive itself) of the hives and make another appointment for next week and see how I’m doing.

Bleh. I’m being whiney.

The kitten is doing well. We bought a laser pointer Saturday and he is SO FUNNY with it. I’ve uploaded some new video’s at YouTube but I’m waiting for them to authorize. I’ll post them when they do because they are fully of kitty cuteness.

3 thoughts on “Hives: Day WHOCANCOUNTHTATHIGH?!?

  1. i’m not sure if I could handle being allergic to wheat. My mom and dad both worked as cooks before and coming from a large family i know what you mean about cooking double. Hopefully, your doctors can work something out so you are able to have some.

  2. Hi Daughter.

    1. Stop the self experimentation and trust your Doc.
    2. Their is much more to Italian than Pasta.
    3. Mexicans eat CORN tortillas and make lots of things that have not a trace of wheat in them (forget the carne asada burritos and have carne asada tacos instead!)
    4. Chinese is tough, but try Tai or Vietnamese. They make dishes that have fish sauce without soy sauce!
    5. Quit the self experimentation and trust your DOC. It may not be as bad as you fear… Soy sauce may be ok, but you should probably forget about sour dough…

    Love you.

  3. But Daaaaaaaaaaaddddyyy… I was whhhiiiiiiiiiining.

    :mrgreen: 😉

    I actually had some hard (corn tortilla) shell taco’s from The Bell on the way home from work today because I didn’t realize that “skeleton crew” meant “there will be no food” and I was hungry. That was about 5.5 hours ago. So far so good. 🙂

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