Because KristEn said so.

If my week had consisted of more than coughing uncontrollably, watching 24, sleeping, and taking as many drugs* as it required to make it through the work day, I might have something interesting to write about. And now that I have you all spellbound and hanging on my every word…

Cameron came over last Monday evening and what was supposed to be an overnight stay turned into a week long visit. He and Cassidy were both off school for the week so he was babysitting for us while I worked and suffered the Great Cold of 2006â„¢. Which, by the way, sucked the big one. Since I was sick and not going to the gym I decided that it would help if I ate like crap.

This lead to a Friday night trip to the Burger Pit for dinner. We ate there mostly because we are all lazy and it’s close enough to walk to and because they serve half pound burgers and that’s what it takes to make a 17 year old boy feel like he’s gotten ALMOST enough to eat. To completely fill them you also need fries, and a shake, and cake, and left over turkey fajitas, and a large bowl of cereal. I think we spent my entire two week paycheck feeding him for six days.

We watched 24. A lot. We are on Season 3: Disk 2 (of 6). Jack Bauer is my hero. I know I’ve said this at least 10 times in the last 10 posts, but you should totally Netflix ALL FOUR SEASONS and watch them back to back to back to back and be completely obsesses with me. Because Jack Bauer is my hero.

I finally started to feel better on Sunday and just in time for the 30 minute jaunt to Santa Cruz to lunch with Chris and Vanessa, and Guillermo and Sandra for Sandra’s birthday at Crows Nest. Smoked Salmon, Calamari, Eggs Benedict and some sinful strawberry daqueri. *hears angels sing* See, TOTALLY NOT HEALTHY. That same day I had a Mochalatta and half a Cinnamon Bun from Cinnabon (Sandara and I were shopping and we NEEDED the energy), pizza, and a beer. TOTALLY. NOT. HEALTHY.

That day ended a four day stint where I not only fell off the wagon, but I burned that fucker to the GROUND!!! At the gym on Monday when I went to weigh myself I closed my eyes and pushed the slider slowly across the scale. I expected at LEAST 3-4 pounds gained. And it stopped EXACTLY where it was when I weighed myself the Wednesday before!! The weight training saved my ass. Literally. The muscle if finally doing it’s job of attacking the fat. GO MUSCLE GO!

14 pounds now. One. Four. I’m a pound away from my best big 10 pound increment. And the before/after pictures.. speak volumes. Someday I’ll post them. When I’m not being such a coward. So it won’t be any time soon. heh

Anyway, Ben is starting the next edition of 24 SOIHAVETOGOOMGBYE!!!

*By drugs, I mean Nyquil and Tylenol Cold so really, it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds like it could have been had it been, like, Crack and Ruffies.

4 thoughts on “Because KristEn said so.

  1. Hi daughter. Just to commiserate, I’m down with the same affliction right now. Thihs cold does suck!

    Glad you are doing better.

    It is much easier falling off of the wagon than it is getting on…

    Love you

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