As of yesterday I’m down six pounds. *is proud*

Typical meals for the day:
Special K w/ Red Berries & Fat Free Vanilla Soy Milk
Lean Cuisine
Fajitas (lean chicken, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms cooked with salsa and taco seasoning)
1-2 snacks during the day between meals: Plain tuna, soup, etc.

So, yes. I AM eating. Some of the girls are work are idiots. They spent about 10 minutes telling me that THEY eat healthy and don’t loose weight that fast so I MUST be starving myself.. PFFT. While they do this they are all stuffing birthday cake into thier mouths.

Anyway, my biggest feeling of accomplishment has come from the gain in fitness I’ve had after jsut a few weeks. Compare:

1.96 Miles
341 Calories
32.50 minutes
Level: 8

Eliptical Machine
2.14 Miles
341 Calories
35.00 Minutes
Level 9

When I was at the gym with Ben on the 10th after that workout I seriously felt like I was going to hurl. No joke. Like, I was swallowing it back. Now I’m going almost half a mile farther and upped a level. AND! That workout yesterday wasn’t my best because I’m fighting off the remnants of a head cold. Yes, I got miserably sick while trying to take care of BenTheGimp™.

Anyway, I have a LONG way to go till my goal weight (about 40 more pounds) and I didn’t want to really post about this till because I didn’t want to jinx myself but I’m just so proud and motivated and OFF TO THE GYM! Later!

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  1. Hey, good work toots! I’m glad you are taking such good care of yourself. So your stomach is doing better with the meatless diet?

    Stay well…

  2. My Awsome Daddy,

    The diet has helped my tummy SO SO SO SO much. I went from being sick and running to the bathroom almost non-stop feeling that way maybe once a week. And then it’s on our “free day”. The crazy thing is that even on the free day I find myself making better food choices without even realizing it. Grabbing water instead of soda at a party for instance.

    I haven’t gone completely vegiterian but we are eating MANY more veggies and no red meat at all. Chicken and turkey only. And even then I get the 99% fat free stuff… and spend 10 mintued trimming any more fat off of it.

    I have been scanning the vegiterian cook books I have though and have picked out a few recipes that I’m going to try in the next week or two.

  3. Eu,

    I hade a rather funny comment written out to you about how all the weight I’ve lost has been in my cheeks and HOW FUNNY IS THAT!? Then WP ate it. And didn’t even SHARE!

    Anyway, I’m starting to add weights tonight. Arms. I know tomorrow I’ll be in so much pain it will take me five minutes to talk myself into putting a shirt over my head in the morning… and I CAN’T WAIT!!! 😉

  4. Whee. I have my post about the gym and weightloss coming soon. The gym is going well, but I am waiting until my birthday (friday) to get rid of a lot of foods and what not, but I’m still eating a whole lot more good foods.

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