It will all make sense soon.

The post you are reading now in the gray box is the most recent post which will always live in the grey box. Hopefully in the next day or two I’ll get a time/date stamp up here somewhere.

The picture up there at the top of the post will change when new posts are added. Some might get recycled. I’ll try as much as possible to get new and exciting(!!) stuff up there.

The list of post exerts listed below read from left to right. Start at the top of the left column and read down then go to the right column. Again, in the next few days I’ll get some date/time stamps in there so it will make more sense.

The box in the top right will contain two “featured posts”. One’s that I or you deem funny or insightful enough to spotlight.

The “elsewhere” spot at the bottom I’m toying with. I think that might turn into a place for me to plug random people and cool little interweb thingies I come across. We’ll see.

All the content will get put up as it’s finished. I think I’ve had “coming soon” pages up for almost a year now on certain stuff and it makes me feel like a slacker. I don’t mind slacking at work, but not on my free time and posted for the world to ridicule.

The rest is yours to explore.

2 thoughts on “It will all make sense soon.

  1. It IS a lot of text. I’m still pruning/adding stuff here and there. There is still a lot of work to be done. But this really feels SO MUCH more grow up and organized to me.

    And I LOVE the way I can change the banner image via the WP admin panel for every post and it will retain that in the archive. So that image will always be associated with that post.


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