Greed: When Comprehensive Rear-Ends Collision

Like the title says.., greed. Why is that some want more than they need? defines greed as… an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. Why am I ranting about greed? Because Automotive insurance companies wrote the BOOK on greed, that’s why!

Tomorrow, December 8th, 2005, …a red-letter day in the history of Benjamin Hirsch. The last Vehicular code infrance (2pt speeding ticket offence to the lay person) will fall off of my driving record…. and for the first time in…. hell, I don’t even remember, I’ll have a clean driving record.

(Cue the white dove release and divine choir)

Naturally, because the ticket is falling off, the automotive insurance companies pro-rate your premium to include this discount, correct? We’re talking about somewhere around Four-hundred and fifty dollars here! Surely they wouldn’t wait until the end of the policy to update the premium and keep that money for themselves. …when you get a speeding ticket during the middle of a policy term, they sure as hell update your premium! So, why wouldn’t they make the ticket falling off force an update to your MVR, and in turn decrease your insurance premium?


Well, at any rate, I think I finally figured out what my insurance agent is doing with all of that extra money:
Man Eating Money

4 thoughts on “Greed: When Comprehensive Rear-Ends Collision

  1. Insurance is the biggest scam this side of pyramid schemes. You pay out the ass for minor things but say when a collision is claimed it is like pulling teeth to get any of that premium you fork out each month, back to cover your costs. *shakes head*

  2. Shhh.. Anna must have found a way to trick him into early Christmas presents…

    On the flip side. If you get your huge tickets at the beginning of a policy, or a license suspension, or such.. you’re under the radar for the next X months 😉

    But yeah… we dealt with that on Kynan’s record because of a fix-it turned bench warrant (!)… but man was it nice paying those premiums once that fell off.

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