Princess Vampire Cassidy

Vampire Cassidy

Photoshopped with one layer of ‘soft light’. Bigger untouched shot. The whole look came out really cool. She insisted on no blood or red on the face… thank goodness. Tonight was the nVidia Annual Halloween Bash. 🙂

She didn’t like the hair. I ratted it and thought it came out looking awsome but she wanted “cute” black vampire hair. So I guess that’s the look we are going to try on Monday night. I’ll let you know how it turns out!!

P.S. – I had to wash her hair THREE times and all the black is still not out!!

3 thoughts on “Princess Vampire Cassidy

  1. Thanks for the tip Traci!! I’ll try that for sure on Monday. I didn’t realize how MESSY that stuff would be coming off. It was all over the bathtub and me and THE CIELING! 😉 But it was so cute!!

    Eu, I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the costume!! You always do cute stuff!!

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