Because it’s just SO ‘EFFING COOL.

I didn’t realize this till AFTER I bought it but the Sidekick has a very nifty web utility that every subscriber gets. It has all the data that you are storing on the Sidekick in REAL TIME. Meaning you can use it to check email, instantly save all your picture as well as browse them full screen SECONDS after you take them making Bluetooth and data cables a thing of the past, view/update your calander info, make new notes and add to your To Do list and contacts… basically it’s your Sidekick only on your desktop. As you can see from the picture I posted it’s very user friendly. I mean the thing is just amazing and this web utility just makes it that much cooler.

On top of this there are a ton of little programs you can download (at an extra cost) to customize it to your needs. Expense tracking, calorie/carb counters, etc. I downloaded the calculator (because it was the only free program. HA!) and it even has a nifty little tip calculator.

If you are an unorganized geek, get one. You will not be dissappointed.

8 thoughts on “Because it’s just SO ‘EFFING COOL.

  1. Now I want one. For the first time in, ever, I had a phone that was more than just a workhorse phone. And now, I want one that does MORE. That’s not entirely true. I am happy with my phone, and I drop it more than any phone should be dropped, so it is better this way.

  2. Nifty web utility…. WHICH IS WHY PARIS WAS “HACKED”! But they switched the system to where you have to login by number, and that probably helps (except the part where nosey employees know who you are…)

  3. Kickyou, It’s hard for me to even think of the Sidecick as a phone because that’s what I use it for the LEAST. A lot of people on the forums have them and just pay the $20 a month for all the unlimited web browsing, AIM, email, etc. AND the phone you have is badass!

    Julie, it’s funny because when you register and logon and in the book, they have this long paragraph about how SECURE AND PROTECTED all your info will be. Silly Paris. 😉

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