Geek Rant – Part 2

I installed Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 the other day. Fantastic game. I was hooked (HOOKED!) on the first two and was really excited to play in 3D and get to RIDE my coasters!

The game has been bug filled from the get go. It just dies and takes the whole PC down with it randomly while playing. I got some compressed air and cleaned the thing out. It was really, really, really dusty. Really. I was hoping it was just running a bit warm. No, still died. I took a video card out of the spare parts pile and installed it. A GeForce 6800 GT. No way this card can’t handle the game. Ben said he’s tested the game at work and never had a problem.

It still dies. So, just for the hell of it I installed UT2003. Played it about 45 minutes at 1600X1200 resolution and all graphics turned all the way up. Not a single hiccup. Played so well I’ve advanced all the way up the Death Match and Double Domination ladders and half way up the Capture the Flag ladder this weekend. I had forgotten how much I love that game. :mrgreen:

I guess I can back up my saved games and reinstall RCT3 but at this point the game is kinda tarnished for me. Which sucks because I finished two maps at Tycoon level and was looking forward to harder maps and getting into building my own coasters.

Or I can start Spliter Cell: Chaos Theory which I’ve had installed for a few months now and haven’t started a single time. Or I can finish Doom3 which I never did. Or Half Life 2 which I’m about a quarter of the way through… I need to get to finishing some games!!

At Best Buy today we saw a pre-sell box for Quake 4. *is giddy with anticipation*

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