Dude: Where’s my car?

Last night after dinner and walking back to our car we had a dual-blond-moment. If you count Cassidy it was a tri-blond-moment. I don’t think I’ve posted about this yet, but Ben bought a silver Honda Civic Coup EX to be his daily driver now that the M3 is completely gutted and ready for the cage install.

Anyway!! Imagine Ben, Cassidy and I leaving a restaurant and walking out to the parking lot to go home. Now, imagine that both Ben and I are having our dual-blond-moment thinking that we drove the Honda to eat.

Ben: We parked right over here didn’t we?
Me: Yeah, I thought it was this row. There’s not a lot of places to park…
Ben: *turning around to survey the entire lot* This is why I hate driving a Honda!
Me: *turning around to survey the entire lot and realizing that there is actually not a SINGLE silver Honda in the lot* Yeah… there are so many and you can.. never… find… your… car.
Ben: *turns around again*
Me: *starting to realize that the HONDA was STOLEN! You know that Honda’s are the MOST STOLEN CAR* I… We parked on this isle… I’m sure of it.
Ben: Yes we did.

Ben: In the GTI.
Me: *laughs* OMG! I think this was your first blond moment… EVER!
Ben: *laughs*
Me: Yep, totally blogging this.

You know, what good would a blog be if you can’t post about how cute your boyfriend is as a “blond”. 😉

3 thoughts on “Dude: Where’s my car?

  1. haha No, he’s not. I should have put: What good is a blog if you can’t write about how cute your b/f is while having a blond moment.

    He’s cute all the time. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen him pull an airhead move before. Usually I have that covered. :mrgreen:

  2. That was, indeed, my first blond moment in a long time. I’ll blame the ‘goof-off’ fumes (from removing the sound deading in my car).

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