T-23 hours and counting.

In 23 hours I will be having medicine injected into my arm to make me sleep so that a man I’ve met once can work for an hour, charge my dental insurance $1500, and cause me pain I’ve been told is worse than child birth. I’d like to quickly point out that all those who have told me it’s “worse than labor” have not had their vagina stretched out far enough to allow a 6 pound 15 ounce 19 inch long entity escape from their body where it grew for 9 months causing their spine and internal organs to do things that would cause most men to DIE… so I’m not really taking this one too seriously.

I don’t like pain but I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I always said that if not for the 9 months of pregnancy I’d have 10 kids because child birth was relatively fast compared to the 9 fucking horrible, hot, bloated, uncomfortable months leading up to it.

I think the thing that will kick my ass with this is the length of recovery. One day after I had Cassidy I was vacuuming the apartment and making trips to WalMart for diapers because the ones I imagined were too small for any human to fit into were too big.

The oral surgeon told me THREE times in a 20 minute consultation that I was to be on strict bed/couch rest for at LEAST two days. Come on! They aren’t operating on my LEGS! They will work. It’s the MOUTH, dude. Why in the hell do I have to not do anything for two days? Does he not see the big blue P on my chest. I don’t do “nothing” for two days. I have a depression problem to ignore. In order to do that I need to be doing things. Like cleaning, and working on my website, and swimming, and… TWO DAYS?!?!

Stupid wisdom teeth.

3 thoughts on “T-23 hours and counting.

  1. ohh… its not 9 months of agony during pregnancy.. its those last 2-3 months that FEEL like 9 months 😉

    Good luck tomorrow, you’ll do fine. They work it up to be the worst possible thing only so you’ll be surprised how relatively easy you’ll feel afterwards.

  2. Thanks, guys! I’m a little skiddish (okay, a lot skiddish) about being put to sleep but other than that I’m glad this is finally going to be over with.

    No more pain and not beaing able to eat for a week at a time.

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