Hello from Oceanside!!

I’ve been trying to get into my blog application to post since Monday but for some reason it would let me see the dashboard but not the post.php. Sucked!! Anyway, I seem to have it fixed now so YAY!

We’ve been going pretty much non-stop since Saturday. The wedding was FANTASTIC. Beautiful and hot and so fun to see all the family and hot and great food and… hot. But such is Bakersfield in the summer.

Sunday we drove from B-town to Oceanside and my dad actually let us stop TWO WHOLE TIMES for bathroom breaks. Two times, people. That’s like asking for snow at the wedding in Bakersfield in the dead of summer. When we got here we had sushi then took a quick trip to the marina to my dads boat so the kids could glow in the Red Tide. It was really cool. Basically anything that makes the water move also makes the water glow. So as they’d swim around he boat the water around them lit up. I wish I’d had the camera but you are just going to have to take my word on the fact that the collness factor was through the roof!!

Monday we took a trip down to the beach. Cassidy got farther into the water than I’ve ever seen her go. She was having a blast getting totally creamed by wave after wave after wave. I tried to boogie board but never actually caught a wave in,.. but had a blast getting creamed by wave after wave after wave. heh

Yesterday I took the day to relax. I’ve been fighting off a cold since Sunday and was not giving my body a chance to rest at all. Last night Ben’s parents came over to eat here at my dads. It was quite nice. And not just because we got to have The Reid Family Taco’s!!! Getting our parents together is something that we’ve both wanted to do for quite some time now because they are so similar. The world didn’t even implode on itself. So I’d say it was a successful event.

Today we got up late, like normal and went to meet Ben’s parents for lunch before they had to catch a flight home. We are back at the house now and the rest of the brood is out seeing The Fantastic 4 so I thought I’d take a minute to update you all on what’s going on.

There will be a TON of pictures when I get home!! I think I’ll finish the Eurocopter post and get it up so you all can laugh uncontrollably at my crazyness. 🙂

Have a good rest of the week, all!!

2 thoughts on “Hello from Oceanside!!

  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast!!

    by the way — what’s up with that red algae, the site you linked is scary but you guys were SWIMMING IN IT!!?!!

  2. That red tide is cool, but at night it smells like ass, me and my friends hang out at the Jolly Roger all the time, and when everyone goes out side for a bit its like seriously finding the nearest bush to throw up in, it smells that bad.

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