Stomach woe’s.

My poor tummy has been in overactive mode lately. It’s been upset almost non-stop. I sat down yesterday and realized that Ben and I have been eating REALLY bad. Like, not trying to eat healthy at all since about the time Cassidy left. heh The thing is, my tummy was starting to show symptoms of this before that. I’d say for about the last three to four months it’s just gotten progressively worse.

Anytime I eat, within about 30 minutes my stomach starts to cramp up. It’s not a nausea thing. It’s more like a food poisoning feeling. Like my body is rejecting what I’ve eaten and is having to REALLY try to process the food. In the last week or so I’ve noticed it’s much worse if I eat a lot of protein. Meat or dairy in general don’t react well in me but it’s to the point now that I’m sick pretty much every night. ๐Ÿ™

Yesterday Ben got us some subs from Quizno’s. That even upset my stomach. ๐Ÿ™ Then last night for dinner I had a green salad with a very small grilled chicken breast and I managed to make it through without much pain. Starting today I’m going to try and completely cut out dairy and only have some meat at dinner. I’m thinking I’ll just grill up some chicken and veggies… grilled zucchini… Mmmmmmm. *drools*

Anyway, I KNOW that cutting out all diary is going to help but I’m scared about the fact that I might not be handling meat well. I love meat. I love a big, juicy, rare, dripping red, just cooked enough to be warm steak… Plus protein is GOOD for you and if I’m not getting it from meat then I need to find a way to get it into my body without upsetting it. It might come down to shakes. ๐Ÿ™ But I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to get rid of this daily nusance. It might just be as simple as keeping my meat intake limited to chicken and fish since they are both easier on the digestive system.

EDIT – I’ve decided to try and either grill or bake a whole chicken tonight. I’ve found a recipe that sounds good and pretty easy to do. If you have any suggestiong though, please let me know!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. “…Plus protein is GOOD for you and if Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm not getting it from meat then I need to find a way to get it into my body without upsetting it.”

    (grin) I Know a way

  2. When I was about 14 I started getting a really sensative stomach.. if meat wasn’t cooked well enough or possibly someone didn’t wash their hands, i’d be the first with a tummyache, sometimes my stomach would hurt so bad it felt like the pain would never end. I stopped drinking milk, avoided onions and that helped, but I still got ill now and then. Then I had some habenero jerky and drank milk to put out the fire in my mouth and milk was great again, infact I drank LOTS OF MILK for a while. As for onions, I’ve picked those back up again after pregnancy. weird, huh?

    Anyway, in this long drawn out post (as usual) you might test things here and there. Your body changes every 7 years once you’re an adult, so it could be your body having more difficulty breaking down the proteins in beef, or maybe you’ve just got a little bug. You might try a health food store and see if they have anything for “cleansing”….

  3. Both our everythings?

    I’ll tell you what, you get the FDA to okay it as a substancial source of protein and we’ll talk! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. I believe the amount of protein in an ejaculation (huh huh) is equivelent to a peanut. At least that’s what I understood from a teen mesage board, asking a doctor if they are losing protein from masterbating while trying to work out.

  5. …not that i surf teen masturbation Q&A sites often, but I looked it up for this comment page… REALLY!!!! STOP LOOKING AT ME.

  6. Back on topic, Have you had your Gall bladder checked. If you have Gall stones it is possible that fatty foods such as red meat and dairy could be what is getting to your tummy. I am going through this right now myself. It is the most ungodly pain. As for ideas on cooking chicken have you tried a drunken chicken. Take a whole frying chicken and shove a full tecate in a can up his rump. Grill standing up on the can. If you decide that you like the BBQ route here is an easy BBQ sauce for marinade and dipping. In a pot combined half cup of apple cider vinager, half cup of Ketchup, half cup of brown sugar, quarter cup of A-1 steak sauce, 1/8 cup of worsthtershire sauce, garlic to taste. If you want a little heat added you can add Texas pete, tobassco sauce, or even a little black pepper. After you put all ingredients in a pot simmer for about 15 minutes mixing from time to time. baste the chicken before cooking and as you turn it on the grill. After you are finished cooking it works really well as a dip also. Just make sure to seperate the sauce you use for basting and the sauce that you use for eating.

  7. I’ve heard of the beer up the butt technique but was warry of how it would turn out. I guess I’ll give that a try soon. And thanks for the recipe! I’ll try when we get back from vacation!!

    I ended up roasting the bird because I was lazy. heh. But I made a spice rub and seperated the skin from the flesh and packed it in there really good… it came out SO juicy and tender and yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Tree, how do you get your gall bladder checked? Not sure what a doctor can do to find out if that is suspect or a culprit.

  9. Try Non-Fat dairy, it could be the fat in the dairy thats upsetting you, I have the same problem with dairy. but I have no problems with non-fat.

  10. Having your gall bladder checked is a combination of a blood test/ultrasound/stool sample. At least that is what they have done with me. The pain that I get is in my upper right torso and in my lower shoulder blade. Other then that I am not a doctor so I can not tell you exactly what all tipped them to by gb being bad.

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