Updating.. again??

So I’ve been doing some “house cleaning”. I realized I had a ton of CRAP in my FTP so I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of stuff.

I could have sworn that directory pages where protected but realized they weren’t so I’ve done a little bit of “protecting” against directory snoops.

I updated WordPress to and it went quite well. I also moved all the WP files to the home directory because the redirection was messing with Cassidy’s homepage since it sits in the aflux directory. I havn’t updated the menu though so if you go to a subpage and hit blog you’ll get a 404. Hey, I told you. That’s something!

I realize that pages like the colophon and me section are in need of some much overdue updating. Hopefully I can get to them at some point this weekend.

Last night I tried to add image verification to prevent guestbook spam because I get about 15 spam posts a day and somehow I’ve managed to mess it up. It looks fine when you view the book but don’t try and post or you’ll get the nasty php error. I was just too tired to try and fix what I broke last night. Again, by the end of the weekend all should be well.

I’m going to run to the bagel place now and get Ben and I come breakfast then start working on the site. I’ve feeling creative/motivated… lets see what I can do with that. 😀

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