The Little Person’s room is almost what I’d consider clean. I’ve packed up two more boxes of clothes/toys/blankets for the Goodwill. Started packing a box with her school stuff from this year. Then I started taking pictures of the furniture to sell it. Marie is selling her house and in the process giving away all of the stuff they don’t want to move. So they are GIVING us Alexis’s loft bed. GIVING it to us for FREE. And the desk to go under it to put her computer on. I almost feel bad taking it all for free but she’s going to give it away to somebody else if I don’t take it so I’ll take it! I’ll have to find a way to thank her.

With the money from selling the furniture I’ll need to get Cassidy a dresser. She’ll be going from 8 drawers to none. Well, four drawers since I just packed up all those clothes. It’s amazing the crap that she had in there. *shudders* Anyway, she still want’s this set but in pink:

I don’t know. It’s very… well, pink and rather non-functional. I am pretty sure I’m going with this instead:

I can get both of those pieces for less than the cost of that armoire she want’s above. And if she really want’s pink then I can paint them and STILL be less than that one piece. They also have some really cute drawer pulls to put on the dresser. And I’ll STILL be less than that one piece. The girl had to pick the most expensive one. heh

I’m going to surprise her with all this when she gets home at the end of the summer. I hate keeping secrets from her… it’s so hard! Especially since I promised her when we finally got to her room I’d let her pick out bedding and accent stuff and I’m going to have to be really patient not pick out stuff myself and do it all before she comes home.

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  1. we’re planning on getting a bunk from IKEA.. that’s what we were looking at Sunday. I wanted to get it RIGHT THEN to free up room in the boys’ room, but we decided to wait a little since Max is still an amateur climber.

    I love that place, we’re going to redo the boys room and then our home office, then our room.

    It was my first time at IKEA… neat stuff..especially for the kids.. they had these AWESOME mountable gigantic rotating leaves.

  2. Well you could alyaws get the bed now and set them both on the ground till you think he’s ready. I really think he’d be okay though. Kids are very bendy and have pliable bones. I must have fallen off our bunk beds at least 100 times and I was never hurt bad…

    I guess that wasn’t the best thing so say. So I’ll add that it was mostly my older brother (nine years older than me) throwing me off. 😀

  3. Whoa, i didn’t know you had an older brother!

    I dunno.. Maybe at 3 or so its not a big deal falling off a bunk, but at 1 i’m still worried about his growing neck. My oldest sister fell out of the pickup (jumping on the seat with the window open) when she was about 1 1/2 or somewhere around there and she’s had mental problems…my parents will never know if THAT did it or if it was the wrong pain meds at her birth. But Kynan and I are paranoid about injuries like that!

    ANYWAY… we’re probably going to wait for now, i was think we could always just block off or remove the ladder till they’re ready though, store toys and stuff up there in the mean time!

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