Sometimes you feel like a post. Right now I don’t

Cassidy just schooled me at the Game Of Life. I’d lie and say it was close but it would be a lie. She really just… schooled me. And she didn’t even go to college. She just JUMPED into a career!! AND she made me trade my Salary card. I had $100,000 per payday and she had $70,000 and she ACTUALLY TOOK MINE THE FIRST CHANCE SHE GOT! But of course I never landed on the “Switch Salary if You Want to Spot”. And she had the “4” Stock card. I had the “7”. After she bought it I spun a 4 SIX TIMES. Guess how many times she spun the 7. NEVER!

Schooled by a six year old at the game of life. *shakes head* Next time I’m so cheating.

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