100 Things. On Steriods.

Kristen kinda challenged people to come up with 100 things about themselves that are unique, different, random. You get the idea. Cool, let’s go.

BTW – This list is being started on lunchtime before I have to attend a 1.5 hour meeting in which I hope not to fall asleep. And snore. So if it’s not finished, I’ll get to it after work or tonight or tomorrow or never.

1) I have a very sort temper. I have worked very hard at learning to control it for the last three years. It’s taken counseling and a very very very patient boyfriend that understands me. (And isn’t afraid to tell me to shut up when I’m being overly… stupid?)

HA! Meeting time already! More later.

1 thought on “100 Things. On Steriods.

  1. It’s hard. I think since I posted mine I’ve thought of three other things to add. I will finish it and post it in the NEW BLOG 🙂

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