To: The Idiot that Pee’s On The Toilet In the Ladie’s Room at Work

I understand that the bathroom nearest my desk is the only one that is a single toilet. All the other’s have stalls and it seems as if a lot of the girls we work with have “performance anxiety”. I understand that it’s always in use. I don’t mind really because I can hear the door to this bathroom open and close through the security door. That’s why I never bother getting up to go unless I know it’s empty.

From now on I’m going to make it a point, also, to see who it is that is coming out of the bathroom before me. Because I’m sick and fucking tired of having to clean up YOUR URINE OFF THE SEAT. And I will call you on it when I find out who you are.

Every single bathroom is equipped with ass gaskets and I don’t understand why it is that you think this product is not sufficient enough for you. You “hover” because you don’t want to dirty your ASS?? Like, maybe your ass is especially sensitive to porcelain?? Do you have, like, gaping open wounds on your legs that might become infected by another’s ass pollutants?

Well, USE A FUCKING SEAT COVER. Because just like you don’t want YOUR precious ass to sit where another ass has sat, I don’t want to sit in YOUR URINE.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “To: The Idiot that Pee’s On The Toilet In the Ladie’s Room at Work

  1. Nah, it’s not her. She goes a lot because she takes water pills and I’d have noticed if she had come out right before me because her cubicle is next to mine.

    No pee-on-toilet action today. Thank God.

  2. Eww thats gross. Seriously if there is no seat covers i put toilet paper down cause, with hovering it can still run down your leg. look for the girls with the wet inseams on there pants. and its been proven, that womens bathrooms in work places/bars/resturants/malls are way dirtier than mens. I think I will sneak into the mens from now on haha.

  3. Well, we have a total of 12 bathrooms at our site and there is a guy that is hired to clean them for 8 hours a day. That’s all he does is clean bathrooms. So that bathroom gets cleaned about 4 times a day.

    And cleaned! He mops, bleaches the toilet and the sink (I know this because the smell is pretty bad for about 10 minutes after he’s done), washes down the walls, etc. It’s actually pretty damn clean.

    But still. I can’t STAND pee on a toilet seat. It’s just lazy and rude and disgusting.

  4. guys bathrooms are gross… they smell of standing pee i guess because guys pee on the floor sometimes. Any time you go to a “bachelor pad” the bathrooms are smelly… even my dad and brother’s bathrooms stink (my mom lays claim to the one downstairs, heh)

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