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I made the comments popup again. I just like them better that way. Plus, they can be full of cuteness.

I have to just say really fast what an improvement that WordPress made with the 1.5 upgrade. I really had doubts when I first started using it and just used it for it’s blogging ability and nothing else. Then the comment spam started and I considered moving to MovableType because I’ve heard great things about it’s BlackList.

When 1.5 came out I decided to give it one more try and WHAT a difference! There are so many added USABLE features and I’ve had ONE spam comment get through the blacklist. ONE. Before this I was averaging about 400-500 a week. It’s fabulous. For no other reason than I was sick and tired of the damn spam.

The PHP is different and it took some time to wade through all the changes but I’m really happy I took the time to do so. Because it’s now a program that I am HAPPY to have rather than the black hole pit of hell I though it was three weeks ago. 😀

Oh yeah, I also added the contact section again which I realize was long overdue. I’m down to just needing to finish the ‘Me’ section and get a new layout for the ‘Views’ photolog so I can start adding to that again. I miss it. Photography is a silly hobby that I love. I suck at it and have no eye for art whatsoever but it amuses me anyway.

Then I’ve been thinking about adding reviews or some other kind of project. Ben suggested once to have a restaurant review section. I’m a bit of a food snob so that would be kinda cool. I dunno, we’ll see. If I start adding stuff like that I might have to rething navigation…

Ehhh, thought about this too much tonight. Going to bed now. I’ll leave you with a picture of my toothless diva daughter.

4 thoughts on “Comments (cont.)

  1. Tilt! And grin! One-Two! Tilt! And grin! Come on girls! Tilt! And Grin! Three more! Tilt! And grin! Seven-Eight! Tilt! And Grin! Nine-Ten! Tilt! And Grin! You did it!!!!

  2. HAHA! The funny thing is that I DIDN’T TEACH HER THAT HEAD TILT! I mean, she might have seem me doing it in some pictures but I try not to do the head tilt thing because it never seems to turn out good for me in pictures.

    I’m telling you, I blame it on America’s Next Top Model. She’s fastinated with that show.

    By the way, you can see the blue and red bra strap. I got her that and matching panties for Christmas last year. It sat in her undies drawer untouched till this week when she’s suddenly dedided she has to wear it to bed from now on. Which is odd becaue the only time I don’t wear a bra is to bed.

    All these new little “grown up” habits are starting all of the sudden in the last month or two. I just don’t get it.

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