I just had my second trimester conference with Cassidy’s teacher. Her teacher is hilarious. Perfect for a 1st grade class. Anyway, Cassidy is doing SO WELL in school!

Last year in kindergarten she was REALLY struggling. She is six months younger than the next oldest kid in her class. It will be that way all the way through school. I struggled with the thought of even letting her start or making her wait a year but Carrielee was already in school and Cassidy wanted to go SO bad.

So this year at the end of the first trimester she was reading at a level 5. They have to be at a level 12-14 by this trimester and 16 by the end of the year. That’s a huge jump. HUGE. Another test they have is writing as many words as they can think of in 15 minutes. At the end of last trimester she got 15 and 20 was expected. 30 by this trimester and 50 by the end of the year.

I was crushed. I really thought that putting her in school so young was a huge mistake. But I really didn’t want her to be held back. Ben made me realize that if that’s what she needed and at the end of the year they suggested it, it would have to be done and I’d have to come to terms with it. And we all know how well I am at ‘coming to terms’ with things. heh

So Ben and I have worked with her EVERY day. I do homework with her and we practice math and spelling every day even when she doesn’t have homework. We read, we write, we add, we subtract and it’s all finally added up.

She is reading at a level 12. 12!!! The teacher said she has never seen a child progress so much in a single trimester. She has to be at level 16 by the end of the year but the only real difference is they add quotation marks and question marks and they have to be able to explain what those mean. We can do that!!!

She was able to write 55 words in 15 minutes. 55!!! She had to be at 50 by the end of the year!! Woohoo!!

This makes me feel SO much better. All the work and the struggling and the PATIENCE has finally paid off and it feels SO good to know that she’s right on track with the rest of the kids in her class.

Now the biggest problem the teacher has is that she and her best friend Alexis spend too much time talking and turn into total air heads when they get together so she’s had to separate them during class time. WOOHOO! Normal kid problems!

I’m really proud of her. Really proud. 🙂

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  1. OMG!! That is sooooo awesome!!! Yeah Cassidy!!!! So what kind of books does Cat like? I’m so proud of her and I’d love to send her some fun books to read:) I haven’t had a first grader in a while so I’m not sure what the popular books are now;)

  2. That’s awesome Anna, I can’t wait for school time myself! 🙂 I think the time you and Ben spend with her is fantastic…I don’t think enough parents do that.

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