Well crap.

My throat hurt all weekend. And now it’s like WORK to swollow. Crap. Crap. Crap. If I’m not better by the time I get off work tomorow I’m going to the doctor. Last time I went for a sore throat it turned out to be Strep and I got a shot in the ass of Penicillin. Cassidy got quite a kick out of it. I got a bruise that made it uncomfortable to sit for a week.

I feel really bad bacause I missed Brooklynn’s birthday this weekend in Bakersfield. I miss her. And when I was on the phone with Chris the other day Brooklynn was TALKING. In, like, COMPLETE sentences!! But I was completely out of it and spent most of Sunday asleep on the couch. I don’t understand why I keep getting so sick. We are eating really healthy. I take a multivitamin DAILY.

Cut a girl a break already!

1 thought on “Well crap.

  1. Ah man that sucks!! I HATE getting a sore throat, that and a sinus infection:( So sorry you missed the party, tell Cassidy we saved her some party favors (maracas, a flute, & play dough, hehe!!) Here’s a few pics, our baby girl’s not a baby any more, booohooo!! Hope your feeling better soon!

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