• Man. I’m tired. I think the eliptical machine at the apt complex workout room is harder than the one at Gold’s. Either that or it hates me. Which is entirely possible. Because I hate it too.
  • I worked on the ‘Me’ section of the site. You can check it out although most of it is half done. I want to get ALL my content up by the end of next week. One step at a time. Well, it’s more like 5 steps at a time but I think I can do it. I really am loving the layout and I want, for once in my blogging life, to have a complete website. Don’t look at me that way, it could happen!
  • Cassidy has been obsessing over her loose top front tooth. She’s lost the bottom’s but aparently in the first grade missing top front teeth is all the rage right now. It was pretty loose and I told her in the next day or two it would have to come out to prevent any digging for teeth later if it’s swollowed on accident.

    Tonight she went to bed and got up about 30 mintues later and insisted that it be pulled. The idea of the ‘digging’ really had her worried. It’s the first time I’ve had to yank THREE times to get a tooth to come out. She never even flinched. I don’t think she’s capable of feeling pain.

  • She also asked me today what a period is. I made the wise decision to explain to her that it involved blood and her face wrenched up into this look of absolute terror… then I tried to backpeddle. I’m not even sure what I told her at this point because I was in a state of shock from the question itself. I think I mentioned something about babies… and her being too young… but the look of absolute terror took about 30 minutes to go away and now I’m not sure what to do.

    Do I tell her everything, leaving out the sex part of course?? Do I just leave it alone till she asks again?? We have one of those “How Babies Are Made” books. I just don’t know.

    IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THIS!!! Dammit. I thought I could put off this conversation till she was 21.

8 thoughts on “Tidbits.

  1. I think you could get away with explaining to her what the period itself is without going into GREAT detail since she’s pretty young. Heh…I didn’t know ANYTHING about periods till I got home from school having to pee REALLY bad and when I sat down and looked at my (white of course) pants I screamed murder… my sister ran in and laughed about me being a woman…and that as girls we get those once a month. I was in 6th grade then…first in my class to get her period, and it wasn’t till LATER that year we started sex ed with the videos.

    So I think at her much younger age than when I was suddenly BLEEDING WITH BLOOD EVERYWHERE DEAR GOD you don’t need to go into too much detail.. I think at this age letting her know it’s harmless bleeding a woman gets once a month starting around 12 years old. Honestly, if it scared her, or worried her at all.. You might approach her about it and let her know its nothing to be afraid of…just so she doesn’t associate it with something negative.. heh
    I can just imagine the little girls whispering on the playground about the “period” and what “so-and-so’s mom” said about it.. haha

  2. YIKES!! Well she is a curious child so I should’nt be surprised that she would ask, but gosh she’s so young:( I got a book for Heather around age 9 and we talked about it, B&N has some great pictorial books for this;) Not sure if you want to go that far but if she persists that may be an option. One thing I wouldn’t do is wait until she is 12, the starting age is much younger for many girls. Her aunt was only 10 when she started!!!!

  3. Dunno why I felt the need to put thisin two posts, but I’d say at about nine to talk to her about periods and stuff. At that point you can still avoid the sex conversation for another couple of years.

  4. hehe Chris, I meant that it commonly starts around 12 when explaining to her now, not to wait till then. Especially since that’s when I had the surprise (12).

    This site explains “the red spot” in a conversational way. Maybe you could read this and adjust the information to what’s appropriate for her understanding?


  5. That was a good find, Julie! I’ve really been batteling with this and spoke with Ben about it last night.

    I really handled it wrong yesterday. But it was just thrown out there and I was not sure what to do!

    The part about that article that I really liked was: “Congratulations, you are a woman today!”

    Ben and I agree that I need to sit her down and get her past the blood part. (I wish I had a camera on me at that second. Her eyes got as big as quarters, her mouth dropped open, her nose scrunched up and her eyebrows almost became a unibrow her face was so distorted.)

    I need to emphanize that the day you get your period is the day you are not a girl anymore, but a woman. That will make her look forward to it I think, rather than the fear I’m sure she’s feeling right now. heh Also, that it’s not something you discuss with boys… since boys don’t get it and it’s a special girl thing.

    God, I’m really not ready for this!! But I’m going to talk to her today after school and be a vague as possible yet get that main “woman” point across.

  6. LOL Julie, that’s what happens when one reads and responds at midnight, oops;) Anna if you get the time you may ask her teacher who could talk to the uppper grades teachers, they have wonderful hand outs provided by the government in pretty point blank explanations. I did do the whole “celebration” thing with Heather, while we know as we get older it sucks to menstruate it really helps to keep it positive, God knows there’s nothing we can do to change it, ROFLMAO!!

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