Light’s Out

Friday I changed out a tail light and a turn signal on the GTI. Both on the drivers side.

On GTI’s they make the lights really easy to get to! ON THE PASSANGER SIDE! For instance, in the back you pop a panel in the trunk area, push in two tabs and BAM all the lights are there and easy to change… but on the DRIVER side there is a vacuum, CD changer and amp all mounted in the access space too. 😕

In the front on the drivers side there is an extra panel (besides the one already there on the passanger side) and the battery leaves about an inch and a half to work with. When you go to put panel #2 back in you can’t see the two tabs that have to slide in at all. It took me almost 30 minutes to change TWO LIGHTS! TWO! I felt like an absolute… girl. Ew.

But they were changed and life was good and all was well and the blinker blinked and the brake light glowed with absolute glory… then Ben informed me tonight that one of my headlights was out.

It was on the passnager side. And it took 2.5 minutes. :screwy:

3 thoughts on “Light’s Out

  1. Had Hitler won, nothin’. The Honda is the opposite. The driver’s side is easy as punch, front and back, but the PASSENGER side…holy crap. It took Dad and I about a half hour to change the headlight. He had to hold a light so I could see and I had to wiggle by hand between the battery and the light and HOPE I found the damn nut. He couldn’t get it at all, his hands are too big.

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