I had to stay home with Cassidy on Monday. She went to school today. BUT since I’ve picked her up today she’s had two nose bleeds. I was getting the Lincoln smogged and were were doing her homework at a tabke in the waiting area. I was checking her math and of suddne she yelled ‘Mommy’. I looked over and there was blood just streaming out of her nose. In 10 seconds it was all over her shirt, pants, shoes. The bathroom was about 20 feet away and by the time I got her in there it was all over me too.

When we got home I had her get in the shower to clean all the blood off of her. This was about an hour and a half later. She washed and conditioned her hair and called me and when I walked in there was fresh blood all over her again.

I’m sure it’s just because she has a cold but Jesus, I didn’t realize how much blood comes out of the nose when you get a nose bleed. It’s just MASIVE amounts. And she’s so little. There’s not that much blood IN HER!


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