BT + SP2 = #%(&*@)$#


We took the first bluetooth adapter back because it didn’t work. Well, neither did the second one we got. After about two hours of FORCING Windows against it’s will to SEE THE DAMN phone we were able to send images TO the phone, but the phone flat out refused to send anything to the computer. Or so it seemed.

Ben had mentioned that maybe it was Service Pack 2 that was causing the problems but by the time he said that I had pulled out all most of my hair, turned red and was running around the room singing Christmas Carols. Seriously, I was THAT frustrated.**

Today I came home and decided to start fresh. The first thing I did was start reading some message boards and sites to see why we were just not making it happen. Low and behold… Service Pack 2 seemed to be the issue. Instead of letting the install process load the drivers it chooses it’s own. So, I updated the drivers through the device mamager and still.. no go. So, after pulling out some more hair and a few more carols.. I just uninstalled SP2 (after saving EVERYTHING IMPORTANT).

Lo and fucking behold!!! The goddamn thing installed the first time. The phone saw the connection the FIRST TIME and THERE ARE MY PICTURES! Stupid SP2. (Did I mention that Ben had suggested that the night before because he’s the smartest man alive. :mrgreen:)

Now you are to be subjected to the first pictures. I haven’t decided to go the MOblog route or just add them to the gallery. I’m thinking gallery because then they will be there with the rest of my pictures where they should be. But who knows. It doens’t really matter because the first ones are going RIGHT HERE!!!!

Rainbow Bright:


What I see at work all day:

Cody the Unwonderful Dog:

Ben playing with his phone at dinner (did I mention Ben got himself a phone too?):

I sent Ben a kiss today:

**(I actually just played Mario Cart but still!!)

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