The Butterfly Effect

Ben and I cancelled the five channels we had of HBO and decided to go with Netflix. When we first had HBO they were playing good movies but lately they’ve been playing crap.

We watched The Butterfly Effect tonight. What a fucked up movie. I hate endings like that. I get attached to movie/book characters too easily. It’s worse with books. I have a one week mourning period whenever I finish a book because I always feel like the main character was part of my life that I’ll never hear from again. God I’m a freak!!!

Anyway, good movie. Interesting concept. Crap ending.


P.S. – Chris, I’ll email ya tomorrow with the doll house info!

2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. That was an interesting ending. I thought about it for days afterwards!! And Anna I totally do the same thing with books, it’s really strange. VC Andrews books do it to me everytime 😳

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