Jesus Spamming Christ.

From the time I left work at 2:30 till now I’ve gotten 64 spam comments. So for the moment I have it set so that I have to approve all comments. I swear, if you comment I’ll approve it but until I can find a blacklist type program you will have to enter an email address, name and your comment won’t show up right away. Stupid fucking spam. *grumbles*

By the time I finished writing this post there were 78. It’s basically hitting every post once starting oldest to newest. I’ve deleted them. 😕

Edit: Okay, I’ve added the words:


to WordPRess’s built in spam filter. I’ll see if that works. Going to open comments back up and hope that it holds.

8 thoughts on “Jesus Spamming Christ.

  1. I made that one post (I will have a page up soon, I promise!) and got 54 spam messages. I thought I was going to kill someone.

  2. hehe No rush. 😉

    I saw all that spam and didn’t understand why you had all that in a subdomain while I had not gotten any. Wierd.

    The spam filter is working. It’s stopped 12 spam comments from being posted but let yours through. I have to give WordPress credit for a incorperating such an effective spam filter.

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