Is it over yet?

The last two days have been a blur. The penicillin was making me SOOO sick. I went to work Monday and sat there in a nauseated, druged state. At 2:00 I realized that I had done jack shit. I should not have gone.

Today I got up and took the Penicillin and threw up 20 minutes later. Got back in bed at 5:30AM and slep till 2:30PM. I’m not taking that Penacillin anymore. I haven’t taken it (and held it down) since last night and I feel MUCH better today. I don’t think it was strep, I think it was just a virus.

And to top it all off I just got back from the Medi Center!!! Why you ask? Cassidy has been complaining of her hip hurting her for about three days. I’d ask if it hurt and she’d say yes till I mentioned the Dr and suddenly it would stop hurting. Today after school she could hardly take the stairs. She normally pushes past us on the way to the stairs so she can RUN up them and hide from us at the top and today she was wincing at every step and we had to WAIT for her at the top. She limped around the house all night. Then she got in the bath and just SITTING there was hurting her enough to make her cry. She FINALLY admitted to me that the reason she told me it wasn’t hurting was because she was scared that the Dr would give her a shot.

I PROMISED her (hoping to God that would not come back to bite me in the ass) that she would not get a shot but we HAD to go to the doctor. So off we went. Two x-rays later and they can’t find anything. The doctor would try to sike her out by feeling all around it and then on the spot to see if the spot would ‘move’ but it didn’t. There is SOMETHING there making her hurt. The doc said to ice it three times a day, give her some Advil and if it still hurts Friday to go see her normal doctor. In the meantime, no jumping, running, monkey bars, sliding… Cassidy is looking at me like WTF mom!?

I talked to my mom and she said if it’s still hurting Friday to INSIST on a bone scan to see what’s going on INSIDE the bone there. That involves a shot. Let’s all hope with all our might that it’s BETTER by Friday.

8 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. Okay.. this may sound really silly….but has she pooped lately? It could be constipation. When I was a kid there were a couple of times I remember where I’d be constipated to the point it really hurt in my abdomine and my sides. But if she has pooped.. well I hope you guys can figure it out 🙁 Is it her right side? I’m sure the doc checked for appendicitis.

  2. Poor little princess. Does she remember hurting herself at all? Is it possible she bruised the bone? I don’t know if that would show up on the x-ray but I know that can be very painful. Hope she feels better!

  3. She doesn’t remember hurting it… but this is the girl that has three bruises on the opposite hip, five on her legs, probably eight on her arms… and she can’t remember how she got most of those. She’s like on big walking bruise!!


  4. Heather’s right those girls were having some SERIOUSLY rough fun in that bounce house. I had to take Brooklynn out, they actually tipped it over 😯

    You know she may have a bone bruise , it’s not all that common but I think the only way to pick up on it is with a MRI or bone scan as your mom had recommended.

    Keep us updated, I hope it heals on it’s own and she’s back to her normal racing up the stairs self soon!!!

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