Cassidy has lice. Joy. It just so happens that the four girls she plays with all the time all have it too. One of them has a ‘major case’. I have a feeling they were sharing a brush. Cassidy has a few nits but I haven’t found a live louse yet so her case is very minor and should be easy to treat. Thank God.

I had Eu order the domain for me so it will be up soon. If you come to this domain and it seems broken, sit tight and as soon as I can I’ll gt a redirect up to the new site. Just check back.

The Sims2 is going well. I created a test family. Twin sisters. I just wanted to get a feel for the game. QUITE a bit more to this one then the original. It’s kinda overwhelming. I’ll play a bit longer and then post all about it.

My uterus is being quite mean to me this month. The last two days I came home and slept for about three hours. My body is just EXHAUSTED. I hate that. I want to get the house clean for my Grandma who will be here Monday. Cassidy’s great grandma. She has only seen Cassidy once and that was when she was 10 months old. I am beyond excited to have four generations of the girls here at one time.

Cassidy is watching SpongeBob.

And with that, I’m out of here.

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  1. Lice sucks! I think almost all kids, girls at least, get it at some point. I got it so bad when I was 6 that my mom had to cut off my hair. I was so sad. Have fun washing sheets!

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