I lied.

It’s getting sore now. The numbing stuff must have still been working.

*goes to take a Tylenol*

BTW – I have six G~mail invites if anybody wants one, let me know.

5 thoughts on “I lied.

  1. hey anna, dont worry, you will feel better soon. if all else fails call the dr and get your self some vicodin. i would also love one of those gmail invites, i have been looking for one but all my friends had already gave theres away. my email is up above in my name. Get well soon!

  2. Anna can you please educate me on what a G-mail invite is?:oops: I feel like an idiot asking but I must know:lol:

  3. Oops forgot to ask, is it ok to put icepacks on the area where you had the mole removed? I would think that would make it feel a little better:| Hope ya feel better soon;)

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