There’s Content!!

Layout page is updated. As well as the colophon. I also added the most recent survey’s I could find to that page. I then made a few changes to the links page so that you don’t have to scroll quite as much as well as adding a few people who should have been added a long time ago! (BTW – Adria and Kristen, I made you some buttons because every girl needs a button… or something. Feel free to use them if you’d like. ;))

I am SO ready to buy the new domain… as soon as I come up with a name I don’t hate. I’m not making a whole lot of progress. If anybody has any idea’s NOW WOULD BE THE TIME TO GIVE THEM!!

2 thoughts on “There’s Content!!

  1. error i noticed the other day but in a kinda subconcious level, was in the colophon “November22nd, 2004” I kinda though, “future”, but then was distracted by something else 🙂

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