9 thoughts on “Shree bangs! Shree bangs!!

  1. Thanks!! I LOOOOOOVE them. I got REALLY nervous right as she started to cut them then almost cried on the way home becuase I didn’t have her style them at all… but once I got home and realized how easy they were to style I was okay. 😉

  2. When I got mine cut (over two years ago! geeze) I sorta freaked out about it, and then I learned the joys of a round brush and the warm setting on my blow dryer. Anyway…they look great.

  3. That’s the same thing Ben and my mom said. It feels wierd looking in the mirror becaue I look SO different but I’m loving them.


  4. Looks good anna, you need to take some more pictures to show us! The darker hair color and the framing with the bangs definitely make your green eyes brighter. :heart: it.

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