The Verdict

So… I just shot this in the sun. It’s quite a bit redder than I had planned on but I still really like it. It’s such a change. I’ve been bleaching my hair blond for almost 10 years now. But I do like it! Actually I’m thinking maybe next time I’ll intentionally add a little more red to it. I think I’ve opened a big can or worms. This was so easy to do that I might have to play with it till I get just what I’m looking for. :mrgreen:

9 thoughts on “The Verdict

  1. Thanks guys!!! I’m really starting to love it. I feel like another person. Kind of a confidence booster!!

    Ben’s not so sure about it. He said to let him have a few days to get used to it and then ask him again. What he did tell me though is that he fully suppoorts and encouraged me to do whatever I want to my hair and told that as long as I’m happy with it that makes him happy. I think it will grow on him. 🙂

  2. I :heart: your hair! Im going to dye mine soon. NOt very colorful though mom wont let me put pink streaks in:cry:. Or black:cry:. O well ill figure out a different color. I guess:lol:.

  3. Thaks Heather!! I’m sure that whatever you do will look good! Just remember, when you turn 18 you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO YOUR HAIR and your mom will not get mad and she’ll still let you live there because she loves you too much to kick you out.

    *Chris, forgive me for what I just told your daughter. She is my niece after all. I have to encourage her to rebel a little!! ;)*

  4. Your hair looks great! You need to take a picture a little further away and all dolled up so we can get a good look of the effect…

    I’ve got an appointment Friday with Mychael… I called him early last week and the soonest he could get me in was this Friday!!! I begged him to please call me if anyone cancels and he still hasn’t called 🙁 I am such an impulsive person that when an idea strikes me I WANT IT NOW DAMMIT. Anyway, I’m planning on going gold-light brown again… I haven’t had that color in so long and I always liked it.

  5. I love it too Anna! It’s a very pretty color and I bet it looks great with your eyes:)

    Heather wants to dye her hair pink and I just don’t know about that. I’ve been pretty open with her but pink8O I really think she’ll regret it. I wish they would have let them do it in Jr high so she would have been done with it:|

    BTW what does everyone recommend for treating your hair afterward. The dyes we’ve used on Heather’s hair have really dried it out. It’s thick and coarse already and then after treating it it’s really bad. I’m trying to talk her into doing the dark under blonde thing, I think that would be really cute on her, back me up here aunt Anna:mrgreen:

  6. Hey chris they have a packet of stuff at west coast (licensed only store) I use it on my hair and i LOVE it. it’s like 2 bucks and you leave it in for 20 minutes under a dryer or wrapped in a hot towel. Let me know if you ever ant to take a trip to west coast. EVERY professional product for half price or better! they have amasing sales. i just got a liter of paul mitchelle shampoo and condditioner for 11 bucks (for BOTH!) Oh they also have silk therapy there and that will do a great job at miosturizing her damaged hair, makes it feel like a babies behind.

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