Normally I am a very forgiving person when it comes to children crying. I always feel bad for the parents who get glared at in public becuase it’s not like they don’t already feel bad enough about the fact that their child is unhappy or uncomfortable and for maybe disturbing people. I always try to be the one to smile at them and let them know that not everybody is an ass. I’ve had a child. Sometiems you just can’t help it. Babies cry.

BUT, the couple downstairs from us have 8 month old twin boys. And one or the other or BOTH have been crying for about four straight days now. We keep our windows open because there’s really no need to run the A/C here. They do this too. I’ve never heard crying like this before. It seriously sounds like a 40 year old women scarred to death and screaming for dear life…. over and over and over and over. Scream. 5 second pause. Scream. 2 second pause. Rinse. Repeat.

Part of me want’s to go down there and help her out by maybe holding one for a bit (although she normally has somebody there to help her out)… and the other non-mom part of me want’s to go down there and slam all the windows closed and then duct tape their mouths closed after slipping them some Tylenol.

*damn I feel bad for saying that*

[15:45] Antigone: OMG the kids down stairs are starting to bug me.
[15:52] LoverBoy: kill them
[15:52] LoverBoy: drove a co workers gsr
[15:53] Antigone: kill the car?
[15:53] Antigone: Oh, the kids!!!
[15:53] Antigone: NO!
[15:53] LoverBoy: yes, the kids
[15:53] LoverBoy: I kill cars
[15:53] Antigone: I can’t kill the boys they are cute!
[15:53] Antigone: I’d go down there and end up just KISSING them!
[15:53] Antigone: But DAMN the crying is just getting to me.
[15:53] Antigone: I don’t think it ever ends.
[15:54] Antigone: One or the other or BOTH are crying… constantly.
[15:55] Antigone: MAybe we could just slip them some Tylenol or something.
[15:55] Antigone: Or Vicodin.
[15:56] LoverBoy: sounds good to me
[15:57] Antigone: We can call it ‘Operation Silence the Dawn’
[15:58] Antigone: Because they always cry right at 4am… when the birds start chirping.
[15:58] Antigone: Trust me, I know because I’ve been up that early lately!
[16:00] LoverBoy: OStD
[16:00] Antigone: hahaha

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  1. I’m one of those people that is not a fan of crying babies in a restaurant… I know you can’t help it when a baby chooses to cry, that’s why I take the child outside to try and hush the baby or just sit the meal out… I’d rather ruin my own experience than everyone elses. I met a friend for lunch a few weeks ago and for the first time Max cried through the entire meal.. it was awful. The MINUTE we sat down he started crying…so I took him outside and he’d stop then start crying again… then he’d stop and I’d bring him back in and he’d start again.. I ended up bringing my meal home and my poor friend had to eat all by himself 🙁

    But this is a tougher situation, as this isn’t a restaurant but their and your home. I would say go down there and see if there is anything you could do to help. I know when I have Max crying and Trey whining I have the sudden urge to run my head through the wall. If this poor neighbor of yours has TWO 8 month olds teething I REALLY feel sorry for her. I doubt she even gets to go out much 🙁

  2. I agree with Julie, I would at least acknowledge that you realize it’s hard with a baby much less twins8O Although I would still let her know that it is disturbing your family and you are concerned. A baby crying THAT MUCH is just not normal and eventually could lead her to do something aweful:( You could also assess the home a little while your there to see if anything looks unusual to you. I know this is going to sound aweful, but Gary and I lived in a duplex once and had the same thing going on. Mom had 2 little ones under 2 and they cried CONSTANTLY. Finally one day we seen the Mom and Dad leave and the kids were crying inside!! It was late, like 9pm! I called the police and CPS came out and these poor babies were unfed and filthy!! Had I not called who knows if they would have even survived8O Not saying to jump to that conclusion but I would check it out a little closer;)

  3. Well, they have an uber clean house and they really seem to be great parents. They take them outside and play with them a lot. She likes to sit out on the front pourch with her sister (who’s baby is 11 months old) and feed them and sing to them. They are such a nice couple and the boys are healthy and fat and always dressed cute and clean. We talk when we see eachother outside…

    That’s why I feel so bad going down there to complain. Maybe next time I see her I’ll ask about teething. If that’s the cause it should just be temporary. Hopefully.

  4. Well that sounds better;) I was just picturing in my mind those aweful neighbors that we had. In that case I would just go down there next time it happens and just “see if things are OK” maybe offer a hand. Poor lady!!

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