We have no cable. Ben got pissed off at the cable company because they are morons and kept telling us our bill would be cheaper and it NEVER WAS. Today he told them what he thought about that and had our cable turned off. I got back not too long ago from taking the cable boxes back to Comcast.

I miss Food Network already. How shall I live without my precious Food Network!?!

We have an appointement for Direct TV to come install a satellite for us Thrursday. They have Food TV, I’ve already checked. :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “AKK!

  1. When I lived in San Jose a couple years ago, I got basic cable(you know the old a/b switch thing) through AT&T cable for like $13 a month. I guess they don’t check it very well because we had all of the channels on a and all the channels on b as well, which gave us all the channels that you would get with extended basic. Not sure if SJ still has the old system but if they do, it’s totally worth looking into 🙂

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