Stolen from a potential zombie:

Abortion?: Pro choice: It’s my body to do with as I please.
Death Penalty?: I’d rather the killer be killed than my state have to pay for him/her to have three square meals a day.
Prostitution?: I’m all for legalizing it and taxing it and requiring STD testing regularly.
Alcohol?: Wonderful stuff if used in moderation and ot abused.
Marijuana?: Should have been legalized a long tima ago. Make it legal and tax it.
Other drugs?: Not so much. Don’t see the need for heroin or cocaine or the such to be legal.
Gay marriage?: Go for it. Spread the love.
Illegal immigrants?: Illegal, no. Immigrants who come over and go about becoming citizens the legal way I’m all for.
Smoking?: It’s your choice. If you want to kill you only method of breathing clean air go ahead. Don’t think it should be outlawed in bars where ADULTS can make the decision to leave if they choose. Please keep it out of restaurants.
Drunk driving?: Bad, bad, bad. Taxi drivers should offer lower rates between 1am and 4am when picking up people from bars.
Cloning?: Hell no! I’m not a religious person but that’s going too far. All people are beautiful in their own respect. Let nature take it’s course.
Racism?: Everybody is entitled to have an opinion different than mine. Hate crimes = Bad. Having an opinion = Good. Get it?
Premarital sex?: Well, you squeeze the melon before you buy it right? Imagine life with a nasty, smell, unpleasant melon. I’m all for premarital sex. Know what you are getting for the rest of your life!!
Religion?: No religion for me thanks. Believe anything you choose just please don’t try to push your beliefs on me or come to my door at dinner time and proclaim you love of Christ.
The war in Iraq?: Needed to be done. Should have been done right the first time. But when the power is relinquished, let our soldiers come home and let them deal with it how they choose.
Bush?: Ehhhh, *I* don’t want his job. I didn’t vote for him but he won and I’ll support him till I’m able to vote again… and it won’t be for him.
Downloading music?: Do it. If you like something so much that you play it over and over and over again, show the artist some love and buy the album.
The legal drinking age?: Is as it should be.
Porn?: Gets a bad rap. As long as you aren’t watching children or animals I don’t have a problem with it.
Suicide?: Selfish. There is help out there. Trust me, if I found it, so can you!

What is your stand on… brought to you by BZOINK!

2 thoughts on “Stand.

  1. haha True. I really think it comes down to the great people that we would miss out on. If people could ‘build’ their children we’d never have poeple like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, or my adorable nephew Ethan who has a slight case of CP.

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