This is the true reason I had a child. I hate to vacuum. HATE. TO. VACUUM. And hey, if she gets this much joy out of it, who am I to take that away from her??


4 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Ack. You are my mother!

    …although, I really, really like to vacuume. Even at work, that is my favorite task. Hehe.

  2. When I worked at Best Buy I’d usually open so I set up the tasks for the day for everybody. But if for some reason I closed everybody KNEW not to give me vacuum duty.

    And there we even had these super fast self propelled vacuumes that would do an entire isle at one time!!

  3. See, I think it’s kind of fun…but I do NOT do windows. Ever. If I do, someone will almost definitely have to redo them.

  4. I am the same way when it comes to running a vacuum. When we close the bar at night it is understood that I do not vacuum. I will dump the trash by myself and line all the cans, but I refuse to vacuum. HOLY COW, I just realized that I have ended every sentence with the word vacuum. This is kind of like a super troopers moment when they are saying meow only I am saying vacuum!

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