Ben is selling his car. I know this is not news to many, but he has actually found a buyer who is very interested and if all goes well he will own the car by late next week.

I have to say that when Ben first talked of selling the car over a year ago I thought there was no way in hell he’d be able to let go of it. He loves the car and moreso he loves to DRIVE the car. But at almost $1100 a month in car payments and insurance, it’s a huge financial strain right now. If that payment was not necessary he could get credit card debt paid off a lot faster and then he’d be able to afford something nice like that again.

Another huge factor is that is a convertable. Ben really wants to be able to track the car but he can’t because it doesn’t have a roll bar. A roll bar would make the back seat inaccessible to five year olds… or anybody for that matter.

So in an attempt to get on stable ground financially, Ben has decided that the best thing he can do right now is to sell his M3. I’m am in awe of his dedication to making things better even though it means giving something up that he loves and takes great joy in. I have the strongest, most dedicated, and smartest boyfriend in the world. :love:

3 thoughts on “MPower

  1. Just make sure you have some chocolate cake and hankies around when he finally sells it. :/

    Refinancing wouldn’t have helped with the car payment? Bah…I wish I could afford that car.

  2. Refinancing really won’t help because he’s over extended credit wise. He tried the refinancing and consolidating and got turned down both times. He has awsome credit. He’s to the point of anal about his credit rating. He just has TOO much of it. That’s one of the main reason’s to get rid of the car now.

    Sometime in the not so near future I’d like to stop renting and start buying a place to live and we shouldn’t have a problem getting a loan IF he’s not so overextended.

    And we jsut want to be able to catch up. And this is the best way that we can do it. Trust me, I’ll miss the car!! I’d sell MY car if it wasn’t a ticking time bomb of death. 😉

  3. I can totally relate. When the business took its downturn it was obvious Kynan needed to “reinvest his M3 back into the company” (hehe my term). It was heartbreaking for him, infact when it was for sale he had me drive it because he knew it was going to go and really didn’t want to handle it.

    But we’ve learned that financing SUCKS, and he’s working his ass off to save money and with the sale of his house I am all for him buying his dreamcar — again. (but this time in cash)

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