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Thanks to Aubrey for the link.


People are using the forum!! I guess I better get to fixing the avatars sometime soon *notice how easily I slacked that off.. HA!

Anyway, I hate that template so I’m gonna just use the stock PHPBB template till I can find something that I like better. 🙂

BTW – I added a link at the bottom of the blog posts to get to it. 🙂


So, awhile back I ordered some Mary Kay foundation from Eurcynia becuase Mary Kay is by far the BEST foundation ever and I was getting really low.

Well, it took awhile to get it because I told her that I’d come get it from her when I was in Bakersfield and that whole weekend turned into a HUGE disaster. So she gave it to my siste-in-law, who lived next door to her, who sent it to me without the apartement number on it.. but she has THREE (yes, the women is crazy ;)) kids and hey, when you have THREE kids, stuff happens!!

So I got it yesterday and with it I got a sample set of the Time Wise 3-in-1 cleanser, age fighting mousturizer, day solution (with SPF) and night solution. I was all excited because I’m a girl and that’s reason enough for me. I decided to start last night and use it morning and evening for a week to see if at the end of the week I could feel and see the difference. Last night I used cleanser, night solution and moisturizer.

This morning I got up and went in and repeated (obviously using the day solution this time). I have to say, after just ONE day, the change is apparent. Both the LOOK and the feel of my skin is already 1,000 times better. When I got my face wet I could still feel the mousturizer on my skin even thouhg it’s like REALLY light weight and you can’t feel it at all once it dries.

I can’t WAIT to see how my face feels in a WEEK if it feels so much better after ONE DAY!!

Thanks, Eu and Chris for getting it to me. Ben however, might not be as thankful when I start trying to explain to him that I MUST have a full set of this miracle!!! 😉

[EDIT] I also need the Satin Lips collection because it’s the ONLY thing I’ve ever used that’s been able to keep my lips crack and dry skin free.[/EDIT]

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Okay, so I didn’t TOTALLY fix it. Somehow I broke the avatars. *shrugs*

I feel like hell. I’ve been nauseated all day and open house is tonight and Cassidy can’t stop talking about it so I need to make myself feel better before then.

*crawls back into bed*


I’m not sure why, maybe it was sheer boredom, but I decided to fix the board since it broke the last time I tried to add a mod. I know it’s hardly ever used but I used to like having a Girl Talk forum to discuss things that YOU BOYS can’t see.

So anyway, it’s back with some new zany forum’s added so go register and have some fun.

I’m going to Hell…

Kids who are mentally challenged still ride the short bus to school. I mean, I’d figured that after all the jokes and stuff, they would have stopped doing that. Then after dropping Cassidy off this morning I realized that they still do, in fact, ride the short bus.

And I was reminded of all the times that I laughed at other people who were the butt of ‘short bus’ jokes when one of the kids that Cassidy LOVES gets off the short bus and I feel like I’ve shrunk to the size of a grain of sand. A grain of sand that somebody should have kicked hard into the nearest puddle of mud and left me there to drown in murky hell.

I am very sensative to people calling other’s ‘retarted’ or making fun of people who are mentally or physically handicapped. Especially because of my awsome nephew Ethan who, despite having a slight case of CP, is one of the funniest, upbeat and smartest little dude’s I know. Why I assumed that these kids didn’t actually ride the short bus anymore is beyond me. I guess I just figured that it would be cruel to add more ammo to throw at a group of kids who already have a lot stacked up against them.

Ben assured me that God would forgive me. But if you include the second piece of chocolate cake I ate last night ON TOP of all this… I’m not so sure.


Job. I need one. Bad.

Had a pre-interview type thing today. Don’t want to jinx it so I’ll leave the details till I get another REAL interview with them. Everybody cross your fingers for me. I really want this job.


There’s no more Friday Five because people are stupid. I had to do SOMETHING!

  1. Finale:: End
  2. Martial arts:: *blank stare*
  3. Flirt:: Cassidy!?
  4. Energy:: Low
  5. Flavor:: Grape
  6. Guess?:: No
  7. Accomplishment:: Laundry
  8. Prom:: Big pink dress
  9. Diploma:: Trunk (I’ve had Troy’s diplome in my trunk for awhile and I keep forgetting to give it to him when I see him)
  10. Bloody:: Period (Sorry, it’s coming!)

Fish and tickets

While Ben went to an autocross with the boys in Monterey, Cassidy and I spent the afternoon at the aquarium. It was great fun.

After the aquarium we met up with the man and ate at Bubba Gump’s. Man, that place has some amazing food.

On the way home, I had a little run in with the law becuase my tags are a little expired. I could not help but snap a picture. The officer was VERY nice and just told me to get it taken care of in the next 30 days and send in the proof and let me go after asking for my signature. 😉

Paying attention.