Fish and tickets

While Ben went to an autocross with the boys in Monterey, Cassidy and I spent the afternoon at the aquarium. It was great fun.

After the aquarium we met up with the man and ate at Bubba Gump’s. Man, that place has some amazing food.

On the way home, I had a little run in with the law becuase my tags are a little expired. I could not help but snap a picture. The officer was VERY nice and just told me to get it taken care of in the next 30 days and send in the proof and let me go after asking for my signature. 😉

Paying attention.

4 thoughts on “Fish and tickets

  1. Eu – I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it. I had to take out three little kids and a wayward grandparent to get her up there!! 😉

    Kristen – At THAT Bubba Gumps? We eat there every time we go to the aquarium. Let me know who she is and I’ll gladly kick her for you. 😛

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