Tennis and teeth…

Even though I’m so sore I can barely walk from playing tennis the Saturday, we went and played again today. I am absolutely loving playing. Saturday we had to get a racquet because I didn’t have one. We found one at the Great Mall for $20!!! So with little investement we’ve taken up and activity where we will get alot of exercise and are having a good time. And MAN is it a work out.

When we were leaving the courts and walking to the monkey bars (Cassidy’s newest obsession) Cassidy said, ‘Mom, I can’t pull my tooth out.’ I told her, ‘Well, stop trying!!’ as I’m wondering to myself WHY she’d be trying to pull a tooth out because isn’t she WAY too young to be losing teeth??

Then as I tucked her into bed tonight I got to looking and she has FOUR loose teeth! FOUR! OMG! And to make it worse, you know what she told me? She told that the she was TRYING to pull her tooth out so she could get some money!!

Dammit, why did I have to go and blink?

4 thoughts on “Tennis and teeth…

  1. heheh It’s Ben you’ll want to play with. I’m JUST starting to get the hang of getting the ball over the net… there’s still no telling WHERE it’s gonna go. 😉

  2. Hah, OK then. Perhaps you could practice against the wall at Cal State? That was pretty helpful when I was learning. As it stands, I haven’t played in two years, so my 733t skillz are pretty rusty. I need to find someone back in Bakersfield that can at least play like varsity high-school level so I can get back into the game. Know anyone? 🙂

  3. I really don’t know of nybody that can play that well. Wait, Andy (Freedom) on BSR Played in highschool and he used to play a few times a month. Ant of the CN guys should have his #.

    Ben has told me that practicing on the wall was what helped him the most. I wish we had one here but the courts that are right by ousr house don’t. So Ben’s being very patient with me. 😉

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