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Yesterday as Ben and I were dropping Cassidy off for school, her teacher asked if I could help them do some fish imprints this morning. I said ‘sure’. I guess ‘The Treasurer’ has her claws in me already!!

I took Cassidy to school this morning and a few other moms were there to help too. Mrs. Anderson took some time to expalin to the kids what they were going to be doing. As you can see, they are REALLY paying attention!

Paying attention.

Then we moms (who I think were really there for the ‘THE PTA IS DYING’ sales pitch) were taught by ‘The Treasurer’ the proper way to paint a rubber fish, lay a piece of paper on it and then lift it off successfully. You see, she has been doing this for 12 years now so she has it DOWN!

The 'THE PTA IS DYING' speech.

Under her watchful eye, we were QUITE successful at it!

Helping the kids.

It was a fun project and the kids really enjoyed it. AND, I got to meet a few more really nice moms who help out a lot so hopefully I’ll get to mingle with them next Wednesday at the Teacher’s Luncheon that ‘The Treasurer’ somehow managed to get me to agree to help at. Here are some of the masterpieces:

Fish Prints.

And then Cassidy went back to doing her school work like the diligent student that she is. (That’s her standing up talking to Samantha instead of doing her work.) 😕

Cassidy's classroom.

After school we came home and went swimming.


And then I mentioned to Cassidy that we should try to curl her hair now that it’s short. When it was longer we tried a few times and it would just never curl. It does now! I absolutely LOVE this haircut.

Curly hair.

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