So we ended up at the Emergency Room last night at 10:45 with Cassidy having a temperature of 102.6. I was really scared by that. 45 minutes after we got there and WELL over and hour after Tylenol AND Advil, it had only gone down to 101.5. We finally saw the doctor around 2:00am. There is no sign of infection (a few kids from her school had to go home with Strep Throat), not too much puss, her nodes were not that big. They think she just has a virus but they cultured her throat so by tomorrow we should know for sure. 🙁

She’s asleep right now but does not feel THAT warm to me. She has a slight fever I think but nothing to wake her up over.

Ben is going to stay home with her today because I have to work from 9:30 to 6:00. He pretty much was my glue and my rock last night. When I realized she was that warm, she had started coughing which was causing her some pretty severe pain. Breathing out would make her cough, cough would cause her pain… so she was holding her breath for 10-15 seconds at a time and it seemed like she could not breathe. As a parent, that tends to really freak you out.

Ben calmly said, put her in the bath and we’ll take her to the Emergency Room. So I did, and we did and I can’t express enough how much it meant to me last night or how much it means to me today that he is willing and going to take care of her.

Thank you, Ben…

2 thoughts on “Emergency

  1. Fevers are scary. Last month Trey had that nasty fever for a week…the highest it would get was 105 which was scary! He couldn’t TELL us how he felt. We ended up just keeping cool rags on his head and chest to keep his temperature a little more reasonable since we figured (and the RN line agreed) they’d do the same at the ER since he had no other symptoms.

    I hope Cassidy gets to feeling better. Nothing is worse than being a parent that feels so helpless to their child’s suffering 🙁

  2. Yeah, I swear every time she gets sick like that I tell myself I’m not going to let myself get that freaked out. But when you see your little one in so much pain and so miserable… that mommy instinct kicks in and there’s just nothing I can do about it.

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