Top 5 reasons to never get Strep Throat:

#1 – The Pain: Oh my GOD the pain. Like hot pieces of little sharpened glass shards being ground into your throat. That’s actually not even bad enough. I couldn’t even swollow my own saliva, I was having to spit it out. Vicodin was not getting rid of the pain.

#2 – NO KISSING! – It’s amazing how much you miss even just having a little peck on the lips. I’d lean in to kiss Ben and then suddenly remember I was not allowed. When you feel that bad, you want to cling to the thing that brings you the most comfort, the most pleasure… when you can’t have that if feels like torture. At this moment, we have not kissed since Sunday evening.

#3 – Dehydration/Malnutrition: When you can’t swollow, you can’t drink or eat. On Tuesday night I realized that my heart was beating so hard I could feel my pulse in my fingers. I knew that I needed to get some fluid in me right away and I forced myself to drink. I’d have to put water in my mouth, then sit there for a few seconds and talk myself into actually swollowing it. Water, mouth, think, swollow… *pain* *shudder* *pain* *whince*… repeat. Through three glasses. It took me almost an hour a glass.

#4 – Shot! I had to have a Penicillin shot. The shot itself was nothing, I could not even really feel it. That night as I prepared to get sleep for the first time in 4 days though, I realized that I felt like I had a huge bruise on my behind. And it hit right in my comfy position for sleeping!! Cassidy got a kick out of watching MOMMY get the shot though!

#5 – NO KISSING!!!

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