I had one of those ‘self actualizaton’ moments yesterday. I had become *really* unmotivated and pretty depressed the last week or two. Then yesterday after a long talk with Amber and my mom I’m feeling a lot better.

Then I talked to Ben for quite awhile last night and we talked about an actual date to move up there… jobs… school for Cassidy. He really made me remember all the reasons that this move is going to be so wonderful for my life. I haven’t seen him in almost two weeks and probaby won’t get to see him this weekend because I’ll be really busy cleaning all the apartement for the walk through. But everything I am doing right now, moving out of the apt, throwing away all the stuff from what feels like a past life, is bringing me one step closer to him. And that excites me.

So this morning I woke up with a whole new motivation. Threw away three more bags of stuff and packed more stuff. Tomorrow I’ll get to use my moms car so I’ll be able to start actually moving stuff out. I’m on a roll now. Motivated, driven, excited.

San Jose here I come.

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